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The Rausa family has successfully combined a fun, easygoing disposition with a competitive, exercise-oriented mentality. Mike and Laura actually met at a party for basketball players, which both of them were, at the reputed “party school” of Chico State. Eventually both completed their degrees elsewhere – Mike got a Managerial Economics degree from UC Davis, and Laura got an Exercise Physiology degree from Point Loma Nazarene University. Mike now works as a realtor for Bell and Associates Realty Group, and Laura works three days a week as an orthopedic physician assistant, which enables her to devote time to her brood (Jordan, 6, Ella, 4, and Zoe, 2).

Though Laura has lived in Encinitas since she was eight and still has extended family living locally, Mike hailed from Virginia. “Thank goodness it wasn’t too hard of a sell to end up here,” Laura confessed, adding, “we chose Carlsbad because of the coastal location and because it’s not too crowded yet. We love the beachy, laid-back attitude and lifestyle!” They’ve been Carlsbad residents for eleven years, specifically in Poinsettia Cove for the past five.

The parents still love basketball, and Mike not only plays on a mens team, but also operates the San Diego franchise of One on One Basketball, Inc. (www.1on1basketball.com). “I am passionate about helping young aspiring athletes achieve their goals through after school programs, club basketball teams, camps, and personal training,” Mike noted.

[quote]We love the beachy, laid-back attitude and lifestyle!

~ Laura Rausa [/quote]

Mike and Laura are also passionate about triathlons. Laura elaborated, “Triathlons have been a fun way to keep our competitive juices going and get in some really tough workouts. At our most recent race, the Carlsbad Triathlon, Mike beat me by 42 seconds! Grrrr!”

The Rausa children have been influenced by their active parents. Laura exclaimed, “My kids are involved in basketball [naturally!], soccer, swimming, gymnastics, and imagination camps.” In addition, Jordan enjoys Star Wars and Legos; Ella loves dancing and playing dress up; and Zoe “is all about doing whatever Jordan and Ella do” Laura laughed.

Describing her home life, Laura stated, “I feel like every day with our family is funny. It’s like an entertaining circus!” In fact, a favorite Friday night activity for the parents is to simply watch their children sing, have a dance party, play charades, or tell jokes. Mike added, “We think we have the most hilarious kids!”

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Parents Names:  Laura (33) and Mike (34) Rausa
Neighborhood:    Poinsettia Cove, Carlsbad 92011
Year moved to Carlsbad:  2001
Hometown:  Laura (Encinitas) Mike (Vienna, VA)
Parents occupation:  Laura (Orthopedic physician assistant)
Mike (Real estate agent and 1 on 1 basketball franchise owner)
Children:  Jordan (5), St. John Catholic School
Ella (4), St. John Catholic preschool, Zoe (1)
Pets:  2 Rodesian Ridgebacks – Jedi and Princess Leia