The tall, bluff side stairways at South Carlsbad and San Elijo State Beaches provide key beach access points to the public. These structures are heavily used by local residents as well as other beach goers, and routinely sustain damage from weather and storms.

Your company, business, club or foundation can help preserve these structures in the Friends of Cardiff and Carlsbad State Beaches (FCCSB) Adopt-A-Stairway program. The options of becoming an annuity donor or a restoration donor are available.



($20,000 donation)


You will become a full Adopt-A-Stairway sponsor, and your generous donation will allow for both the complete restoration of a beach access stairway, plus annual maintenance for three years. Your company will get exclusive exposure at the top of the stairway, with your logo displayed for three years. Your company will also get the right-of-first-refusal to continue exclusively sponsoring the annual maintenance upkeep of the stairway once that period expires.



($1,000 – $15,000 donation)


Your company will jointly support restoration of a stairway with other donors, who will all be acknowledged with their logos displayed at the top of the stairway as sponsors that helped restore the stairway.

Donations can be in cash or materials. For more information, contact Founder of FCCSB, Bill Mahoney, at 858-603-2705 or visit




Removing old treads and dry rot wood.

Installing a 3 X 12 center stringer in each section for strength.

Installing new wood on outside stringers to support treads.

Installing new 2 X 8 treads on each step with a new kick plate.

Replacing or reinforcing outside stringers where necessary.

Replacing all railings with 2 X 4 pickets and a composite 2 X 6 handrail.

Replacing all decking on all landings with

3 X 8 lumber.

Replacing joist hangers were necessary.

Using only stainless steel screws and lag bolts throughout.

Repairing pilings and cement landings at the bottom of the stairs where necessary. stairpics1