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“I’ve always had a heart for athletes and want to make a lasting difference in their lives, not only professionally in their performance, but personally as well. I want to help them become better individuals who can be positive influences in society,” explained Ryan Flaherty when asked what inspired him to start Prolific Athletes. The program, which is geared toward athletes starting at age eight in any sport, centers around improving speed, strength and athleticism. Ryan’s vision is to build a relationship with every athlete Prolific Athletes works with and to create a personalized training program that impacts not only their performance on the field, but also builds their character off the field. In keeping with Ryan’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of athletes and the community, Prolific Athletes has a non-profit component that donates its speed and strength training program and staff to inner city schools to help coaches improve the development of their athletes.

ProlificAthletes_24Ryan has deep roots in the local area. He attended La Costa Canyon High School where he was a success on the varsity football, basketball and track and field teams. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Utah State University where he majored in kinesiology and played football, he returned to San Diego and earned his master’s degree with a specialization in biomechanics from the University of San Diego. “Carlsbad is an ideal place to live and work. It has also been a huge help having relationships here that I made back in high school. This area is so nice that people tend to stay here which has been essential in attaining referrals and growing my name among youth and high school athletes,” revealed Ryan. He also feels lucky to live close to the beach, one of his favorite restaurants, Board & Brew, and his place of worship, the Rock Church in Carlsbad.

As an athlete himself, Ryan enjoys working out and joked that he is always trying to keep up with the athletes that he trains at Prolific Athletes. When he’s not working or working out, he enjoys spending time with his family, girlfriend and friends and can often be found at local bowling alleys. “I love bowling. When we have our NFL and college guys in town, we always bowl on Tuesday nights. I’ve gotten pretty into it,” he laughed.

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Name: Ryan Flaherty

Age: 30

Title: Founder, President, Director of Sports Performance

Community: Cardiff-by-the-Sea (home), Carlsbad (work)

Education: M.S. C.S.C.S. USATF Level 2


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