Pamela Chandler Saves Lives, One Pet At a Time

Labels can ruin a life, and this holds especially true for shelter animals labeled “unadoptable.” But Pamela Chandler of 92011 doesn’t buy this label. Pamela is committed to rescuing homeless animals facing euthanasia and transforming them into adoptable pets.

After a year of volunteering at the county’s animal shelter, Pamela realized she wanted to have a greater impact on the lives of the homeless pets. Too often the animals’ medical and behavioral issues tie the hands of shelters who cannot afford rehabilitation. Witnessing the realities of an overstrained system led Pamela to volunteer for Last Chance At Life All Breed Rescue and Adoptions (LCAL) in Oceanside.

LCAL rescues all breeds of dogs, cats, and birds from local shelters that are labeled unadoptable due to health or behavioral needs. “Our shelter systems are so strained and most of the animals they house are good pets that deserve to be in a loving home,” explained Pamela. With the help of Mission Animal and Bird Hospital and many volunteers, the animals receive the medical services and rehabilitation they need – a true pet makeover from unwanted to wonderful.

Pamela’s passion spreads to the responsibility of pet ownership, as well. “So many wonderful pets suffer because too many owners are irresponsible when it comes to their pets,” Pamela lamented. The solution is evident: “Spaying and neutering is a huge step in getting these numbers down,” she said.

Pamela and her family understand the responsibility of pet ownership firsthand; they own three dogs, a snake and a cockatiel. “I have three rescues of my own and they and my children are my heart,” shared Pamela. “Much of my spare time is spent with the rescue and working with the animals,” she admitted. Her work day is full of furry ones, too. Pamela is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Mission Animal and Bird Hospital.

Pamela and the LCAL work at their mission throughout the community, operating the Last Chance at Life Thrift Store in Oceanside and hosting adoptions the third Saturday of the month at the store. LCAL is also seeking volunteers. With many different needs, volunteers are matched to the right fit within the organization.

For Pamela, the work of eradicating labels begins with education. Her one wish for the community is “that every person would be educated on the crisis we face regarding our furry and feathered friends.”

Meet Pamela

Group: Last Chance at Life All Breed Rescue
Mission: LCAL rescues all breeds of dogs (have a fondness for boxers), cats and birds. Our program is amazing as we are able to rescue animals from our local shelters with health or behavioral issues, rehabilitate them, and find them loving homes. We are unique in this way. Many of these animals are not adoptable from local shelters but, once we fix them up, they are highly adoptable. We are saving lives one at a time.
Contact: | 760-433-3763 x224

Name: Pamela Chandler
Community: Carlsbad
Volunteer Affiliation: Last Chance at Life All Breed Rescue
Profession: Mission Animal & Bird Hospital – Director of Marketing and Communications
Family: Ashley & Zack
Hobbies: Running, Yoga