Moms Making It Happen at Home

Angie Gange, former mortgage broker and mother of three teenage boys, joined Moms Making Six Figures in order to maintain her substantial income while enjoying greater flexibility.

Barbara Ryan, on-call emergency room surgeon, joined Moms Making Six Figures so she can have more quality time with her husband and grandson.

Michele Martin, mother of four and former VP of Technology for a large real estate firm, joined Moms Making Six Figures so she can create equity in her own business.

Stacy Brown, former CPA and single mother, joined Moms Making Six Figures to create more time with her daughter without sacrificing her income.

Melanie Hughes, single mother of three, joined Moms Making Six Figures to bridge the gap in monthly expenses without giving up her time at home.

Can a mother really stay at home and still make six figures? Heidi Bartolotta, President and owner of Moms Making Six Figures, says the answer is definitely yes!

Bartolotta is herself a mother of two who once worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative. She started Moms Making Six Figures when her husband was down-sized.

“Just look,” says Bartolotta, “at the women featured here. These ladies are just a few of the dynamic women who make up our Moms Making Six Figures team. Each of these amazing women is improving her life in a significant way.” And she insists that anyone who is hard-working and self-motivated can do it, too.

The most attractive thing about the company, says Bartolotta, is the flexibility it offers and the unlimited income potential. “We don’t sell anything and we are not your traditional home-based business,” said Bartolotta. “We developed a business model that requires no overhead, no inventory and no selling.”

Sound too good to be true? Bartolotta encourages you to see for yourself. Simply visit and submit a request for more information. A professional mentor will contact you and help you get started on your new business – today!


Moms_LogoName of Business:, LLC 
Owner/President: Heidi M. Bartolotta
Year of Establishment: 2008
Email contact:
Phone: 858-837-1505
Description: It is essentially a group of women who created a marketing company in order to supplement and/or replace their full-time incomes in a way that builds equity for themselves rather than their employers.