Photo by Jeff Kasbaum Photography

The Academy of Performing Arts (APA) recently held its annual dance recital to benefit Connor’s Cause for Children (CCC), raising over $2,000 for the cause! The 501(c)(3) organization provides financial assistance to families caring for a child with a life-threatening illness or injury. Director of APA Linda Wilkerson, or “Miss Linda” as she is known by her dance students, partnered with CCC in order to help raise money for the cause and teach her students about the importance of selflessness and service. Since she first partnered with the nonprofit, she has raised nearly $30,000 in donations.
Carol Del Signore, Executive Director of Connor’s Cause for Children, stated, “We are so grateful and so honored that Linda and all of the families have been supporting Connor’s Cause for more years than I can remember. We are very grateful for Linda’s support.”

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