by LYDIA COBB | photos by Samantha Gleaton Photography

Designer. Surfer. Traveler.

student_slater3Peytie Slater remembers being shy. In seventh grade she didn’t want to stand out. When students started wearing t-shirts that read “You Can’t Sit With Us,” Peytie thought it was mean, so she designed her own version. “I went home and made a shirt that said “You Can Sit With Us” with some t-shirt paper and a white shirt,” reflected Peytie. “I wore it to school the next day and people started asking if they could buy it from me. From there, I made a website and started sewing clothes from scratch, and my business grew.”

She’s a sophomore at Carlsbad High and the imagination behind the clothing company True Violette. It’s a label inspired by her sister’s middle name, Blue, and Peytie’s childhood wish to also have a colorful middle name, Violette. When Peytie turned 13, her mom legally changed her middle name, “But by then my original middle name, Sarfeh, had totally grown on me, so I decided to change it back,” she added. “I wanted to dedicate my company to that because I feel like I’m truly Violette on the inside.”

Name: Peytie Slater
School: Carlsbad High School
Grade: 10
Parents: Jennifer and Evan Slater
Sibling: Zoe Slater (13)
Favorite Places: Carlsbad Campgrounds, Beach City Smoothies


Growing up surfing here inspires her fashion designs, as does cultural travel. Peytie, who has competed in surfing since sixth grade, just returned from a surf trip to Indonesia with impressive waves. “But also some of the scariest,” she added. “I had cuts and bruises from hitting the reef, but I also have memories of surfing perfect waves with my friends.”

New York City was on her map this past fall. Peytie recently returned home from filming Lifetime Network’s reality fashion design series called Project Runway Junior, which aired Nov. 12. “Project Runway Junior was for sure one of my best experiences ever,” shared Peytie, because she felt the cast connected well, and she adjusted to being in a city quite different from her own.

She’s a sophomore at Carlsbad High and the imagination behind the clothing company True Violette.


Her favorite subject is math because she’s drawn to the process of solving a problem. She’s also in her third year of Mandarin. Peytie’s family has interwoven interests. She described, “Mom likes to go to L.A. and pick out fabrics. My dad surfs big waves, and my little sister likes to do both.” Peytie is surfing into her passions of designing, wave riding, and traveling.