by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Samantha Gleaton Photography

No Small Feat

student_maweu1“I want to represent Team USA in track and field in 2023 because I want to be the best at what I do,” shared fifth grader Brian Maweu-Smalls. This Carlsbad athlete has excelled in the sport of cross country. This past year he began by finishing first in a local competition for the San Diego/Imperial area. This win allowed him a spot in regionals, which included the three-state area of California, Nevada, and Hawaii. His team placed fifth, which qualified Brian for the USATF National Cross Country Junior Olympics held in Albuquerque, NM.

Participating in the 9-10 division, the competition began with an opening ceremony in which each region in the country was called up to be recognized. Native Americans played the drums, and parents and spectators cheered the athletes on. “I was happy to represent Carlsbad,” he said. Brian had the opportunity to listen to those who were in the Junior Olympics before him. They told the group how to best prepare for the race. “It was amazing!” he exclaimed. Over 2,700 kids from all over the United States took part in the race and got to live this experience. He placed 105th out of 317 runners in his division. “It was raining while we were running,” Brian laughed. “My favorite part was running in the rain.”

“I believe I can become the best in track and field.”

While track and field is an important focus for Brian, he has other interests as well. He plays basketball for the competitive PCH league, as well as for his school team, the Beautiful Savior Breakers, in addition to participating in Friday Night Lights Flag Football. Outside of sports, he favors math “because you get to do formulas,” and science “because you get to do cool experiments.” He also swims, plays piano, loves the beach, and playing with his friends and family. His favorite TV shows are Cupcake Wars and Chopped, even though he doesn’t like ice cream or candy.


Name: Brian Maweu-Smalls
School: Beautiful Savior Lutheran School
Grade: 5
Parent: Angela Maweu
Favorite Local Spot: Alga Norte Park, Ponto Beach, Legoland

student_maweu2Brian is most inspired by world record-breaking runner Usain Bolt. “Usain broke his record for the 100 meter; his time was 9.69 seconds,” Bolt became the first athlete to complete a triple gold, and the most successful athlete in the 32-year history of the athletics world championship, and Brian Maweu-Smalls is ready to follow in those footsteps. “I believe I can become the best in track and field,” Brian mused. “I can break records and represent my hometown.”