by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Samantha Gleaton Photography

For the Love of Skateboarding

family_poulos1With three young, active boys – Preston (8), Deacon (5), and Brixton (1) – skateboarding has become an essential part of the Poulos family’s life. “Skateboarding is loved by everyone in our family,” stated John and Margan. “It has taught Preston dedication, hard work, and perseverance through frustration. He spends countless hours skating instead of video games or TV and we love that.” For John, he feels like he owes a lot to skateboarding. “It is a great hobby and has brought a lot of joy, friendship, and stress relief into his life,” shared Margan. Even the baby of the family, Brixton, has taken to the sport. “His favorite thing to do is push around a board pretty much anywhere we are,” said Margan. “He has even begun to stomp the board and stand on his own!”

Parents: John and Margan Poulos
Children: Preston, Deacon, Brixton
Community: Aviara
Hometowns: John – Manteca, CA; Margan – Palo Alto, CA
Occupations: John – sales manager at Hoehn Honda; Margan – dietitian/stay-at-home mom. Owners/operators of Plain Skateboard Company
Favorite Places in Carlsbad: South Ponto Beach, Alga Norte Park, Ruby’s Diner, Carlsbad Premium Outlets, Legoland, Aura Skateboarding Facility

family_poulos4So, when the family conceived the idea of starting their own skateboarding company, the venture seemed like a natural thing to do. “We recently started a company called Plain Skateboard Company,” said Margan. “It’s a small skate and apparel company. We wanted to give back to the skating community.”

And since their business opened in 2015, the Poulos family has given back in big ways. “We share a portion of our profits with organizations that promote skating and support skaters throughout the county and skateboarding communities worldwide,” shared John and Margan. “We also donate to other causes that are close to our heart.” Currently, Plain Skateboard is helping to raise money for Clash at Clairemont, an event that supports the Grind For Life cancer charity. “We also sponsor some local riders and have a skate team.”

family_poulos5Turned off by the bad language and rough lifestyle often associated with skateboarding, the Poulos family is committed to staying true to the “simplified skateboarding experience.” “Our boards are fairly plain and clean looking and just about great construction and a smooth ride,” stated John and Margan. “We have some fun graphics but for the most part we wanted to take away all the noise and just make it about the love of skateboarding.”

family_poulos6John has recently been made the board vice president of Umbrella Skateboarding, a local nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of others through skateboarding. As for his day job, he works as the sales manager at Hoehn Honda. “Hoehn is an amazing company to work for,” said John. “They just understand what it means to have a family…They have also been really supportive of the skateboarding community.”


With much of their time spent outdoors, the Poulos family feels blessed to live in Carlsbad. “We love the beach and the weather,” said the family, who also enjoy 92011 for its sense of community. “People here really care about their community and each other and it makes it an amazing place to live!”