by RANDI CATRELL | photos by Samantha Gleaton Photography

A Positive Perspective


It’s amazing to think about the technical advances, trials, and triumphs our world has seen in the last 100 years. As the saying goes, the only thing that has remained constant has been change. Carlsbad resident Wilma Boggs can attest to this firsthand. This past October, she celebrated her 100th birthday with the community at Redeemer by the Sea Lutheran Church. During the party, Wilma shared her life story and her secrets to a long life.

Name: Wilma Boggs
Community: Carlsbad
Family: Daughter – Linda; son – Russell
Hobbies: Reading

Wilma was born on a cattle and wheat ranch in Haven, KS. “I loved every minute of it and feel privileged to have had the experiences,” she said. The youngest of four, she grew up with two older sisters and one older brother, and her family was very close. “On weekends our guest room was always filled with our city friends,” she recalls. Later in life, Wilma married an Army B-17 fighter pilot named Marvin Lohmeyer. Tragically, he was killed in action during the war, but love found Wilma again when she married Navy Commander Al Boggs. When Al received orders for San Diego, the couple landed in their first home near San Diego State University. Wilma recalled, “We were advised by friends with children to move inland away from the foggy mornings.” Soon after Wilma accepted a position at the university on the faculty of Home Economics, Dietetics, and Institutional Management, and taught morning classes so she could spend afternoons with her children. “I enjoyed teaching,” she said. “Especially the students and having the privilege of showing them so many things I had learned through life experiences, not just books.” When her husband retired from the Navy, the couple decided to settle down in Poway on a four-acre avocado and fruit tree ranch, which they maintained themselves for 22 years. “It was a lot of work, but we really enjoyed our time there,” said Wilma. “I stayed on the ranch with my faithful Rottweiler for 12 more years after I lost Al.”


Wilma has lived in Carlsbad since 2001. Today she enjoys reading and is an active member of her church. When asked about her secret to a healthy and fulfilling life, Wilma answered confidently, “A positive attitude, healthy eating, and no bad vices, plus a strong faith.”