by LINDA FRABL | photo provided by Cox Business

Rewarding Tech Heroes

faces_coval1Carlsbad resident Larry Coval, the vice president of Cox Business, loves how San Diego is a major hub for the technological revolution. However, he felt the city could do even more to honor its IT masters. Therefore, he created the Top Tech Exec Awards, which will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in 2017 with a lively ceremony in Petco Park.

Describing the inception of the Top Tech Exec Awards, Larry said, “Despite the myriad of recognition events – such as Top CEO, Top CFO, Top Women Business Leaders – there was nothing for the unsung heroes of businesses: the information technology and infrastructure leaders. So I came up with the idea to celebrate IT leadership excellence in order to say ‘thank you’ to the people who generally toil in anonymity.”

Larry is also a board member with Tech San Diego, an organization geared towards bringing together San Diego’s best and brightest technology leaders. He added, “The organization seeks to ensure that San Diego is always seen as a premier city for technology companies and their employees. This city is home to so many tremendously innovative technology leaders.”

In addition to admiring San Diego’s technological talent, Larry also adores the coastal community’s fantastic ambiance. After moving to Carlsbad 12 years ago, Larry exclaimed, “There’s a lot to love about Carlsbad: the people, the beach vibe, and the myriad of things to do. We have wonderful friends and neighbors, and it’s been a great place to raise our three children.”

Name: Larry Coval
Profession: Vice President of Cox Business
Community: Aviara
Hobbies: Father of three, sports fan, fitness enthusiast, dog lover
Favorite Places in Carlsbad: Ponto Beach, downtown Carlsbad, anywhere on
Coast Highway

As a way to give back to the community, Larry and his wife opened PlayWerx several years ago, a fitness-oriented play facility that caters to Carlsbad’s families with younger children. It has since become a local spot for heartwarming experiences. Larry explained, “My wife coordinates special events for kids with disabilities and I could not be more proud of the job she does finding ways to serve Carlsbad residents.”

A fitness buff himself, Larry is an executive committee member of the San Diego Hall of Champions, which recognizes athletic achievements at all levels. He admitted, “I am a fan of the lessons sports teach us, like working together to overcome adversity, perseverance, continuous improvement, and learning how to win and lose gracefully.”