by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Deep Appreciation for Carlsbad


The Park family loves the Carlsbad lifestyle – the relaxed vibe, outdoor activities, and amazing friends. Parents Cliff and Amy and daughters Devin and Riley take full advantage of all that the community has to offer, from backyard games of cornhole and swimming in the pool to Junior Lifeguards, sports, and summer camps.


Amy is originally from Southern California and attended college at Long Beach State and graduate school at University of San Diego. Between her years as a student, she moved to Vail, CO to work as a ski instructor. After her master’s degree, Amy returned to Colorado for a position as a pharmaceutical sales rep in Denver. It was there that she met Cliff, an Iowa native and Iowa State alumni. He had already made a number of moves for his sales career, traversing the country from Minneapolis to Atlanta to New York to Denver. So when the couple had to choose a place to start their lives together, Amy was quick to suggest San Diego. “So we moved to Carlsbad in 2000 and truly think it is a ‘hidden gem,’” Amy shared.

Parents: Amy and Cliff Park
Children: Devin (13), Riley (10)
Community: La Costa Greens
Pet: Lola (3), a Cavalier King Charles
Favorite Places in Carlsbad: Ponto Beach, Tommy V’s in Bressi Ranch, Carlsbad Forum Shops, Downtown Carlsbad, La Costa Resort

family_park3Their daughters, Devin and Riley, are active in school, sports, and summer camps. Devin volunteers as a camp counselor at North Coast Cavalry Church and the Helen Woodward Animal Center and plays lacrosse for Pacific Ridge School. Riley plays soccer, basketball, and volleyball. The sisters are also active in the National Charity League, an organization for mothers and daughters to serve their communities. Their favorite organizations to volunteer for are Heartfelt Helpings, Surfrider Foundation, and the Ronald McDonald House.

Travel is another top priority for the Park family. Thus far, they have explored Hawaii, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Mexico. For winter trips, skiing and snowboarding in Colorado is their favorite. This summer, the family trip includes Paris and London. Amy and Cliff also travel frequently for their work. While they appreciate the opportunity to see the world, they “absolutely love getting to come home to Carlsbad after a trip,” Cliff acknowledged. “It’s the best feeling in the world.”


Coming home to Carlsbad is not something the Park family takes for granted. In 2005, they briefly relocated to Arizona. “After two months in Arizona, we realized that it just wasn’t Carlsbad,” Amy said. “We moved back within six months and it was the best decision! It makes us appreciate the beauty of our city even more.”