by JENNIFER FRAKES | photo by Mark Hopkins Photography

Meet Anurag Aiyer


Anurag Aiyer has experienced more in his 17 years than many people do in a lifetime. This Pacific Ridge High School senior has performed at Carnegie Hall (twice!) and will soon perform at the Sydney Opera House with world-class singers. “I have participated in the Southern California Honor Choir, All State Honor Choir, National Honor Choir and National Youth Honor Choir. My performance at Carnegie Hall with the National Youth Honor Choir this past February was life-changing. As I was singing each song, I could hear the beautiful voices surrounding me. I was proud to contribute my voice to this wonderful group,” revealed Anurag, whose first performance at Carnegie Hall was with the Pacific Ridge a cappella singers.

According to Anurag, his passion for vocal ensemble began in fifth grade when a school administrator encouraged him to think about joining a choir. “I shadowed the middle school choir and loved the variety of music. I continue to push myself and express myself musically from the bottom of my heart,” stated Anurag. He immerses himself in classical and jazz music and can sight sing a sheet of music in under a minute.


In addition to singing, Anurag has many interests, including tennis, robotics, surfing and ping pong. His passion for tennis began when he was very young and would go online each day to look at the world’s top 100 tennis player rankings. Anurag credits a good friend for piquing his interest in the robotics club. He has been in the club for the past four years and hopes to become a computer scientist in the future. Living near the ocean allows Anurag to surf as often as he likes. And as far as ping pong is concerned, he is a professional player who trained in China for three summers!

Giving back is also important to Anurag. He fundraises for the rescue missions of The Liberty, an organization that aids those who have fled North Korea. “The main focus of my work is to bring awareness to the American public about how North Korean citizens are stripped of their rights by their government. I got involved with The Liberty because I was touched by the message that many North Koreans want the same opportunities we have here in America – the chance to go to universities and get a great job,” explained Anurag.


Name: Anurag Aiyer (17)
School: Pacific Ridge School
Grade: 12
Hobbies: Bike, play video games, watch James Bond movies
Parents: Kumar and Lalitha Aiyer
Sibling: Aditya Aiyer (22)
Favorite place in 92011: Sushi Kuchi