by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Mark Hopkins Photography

Sparking Joy


Some years ago, Tricia Fidler found herself in a challenging stage of life. Her youngest daughter was moving out for college, and both of Tricia’s parents had recently passed away. Tricia and her husband were planning to downsize as “empty nesters,” but rather than embracing the new life chapter, Tricia felt overwhelmed. “I found that I couldn’t focus, because my thoughts were consumed by the emotional weight of my late parents’ belongings and the things that my family had accumulated since my children were young,” she recalled.

During this time, Tricia encountered a bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Through the book, Tricia was introduced to the KonMari Method™, which encourages people to cherish belongings that “spark joy” in their lives, express gratitude, and then let go of belongings that no longer represent who they are now. “Discovering Marie Kondo’s straightforward approach to finding joy and letting go with gratitude struck a chord with me,” shared Tricia. “I got to work on my closet and let go of dated suits and jeans. The more that I put the method into practice, the more peaceful my home became.”


In 2016, Tricia attended her first KonMari™ seminar. “It gave me the opportunity to better understand the simplicity, yet depth, of the KonMari™ process and learn how to bring these lessons to others in my community,” described Tricia. “Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to present at KonMari™ Consultant seminars to share my experience and lessons learned with new trainees.”

Discovering this new approach to organizing ultimately changed Tricia’s life. Today, she is a Certified KonMari™ Consultant and owner of a consulting practice in Carlsbad, Heywood Park Collective. At the time of her certification, she was the 26th in the world. There are now 100 Certified KonMari™ Method Consultants, with Heywood Park Collective in the top four in California. “Deciding to pursue the role of certified consultant was a no brainer!” exclaimed Tricia. “It felt as if my whole life had been preparation for this line of work.”

Tricia created her business to “share methods, insights, techniques, guidance, and elbow grease with others faced with a life filled to capacity,” she said. “At Heywood Park Collective, we believe what you choose to keep should be kept well!”

Tricia’s work entails meeting with clients at their home to discuss their needs. “Acting as a coach, I facilitate working through the items that are difficult to let go of,” said Tricia. “As an organizer, I recommend storage options for the newly curated space – and teach the KonMari™ folding technique.” She also assists with donation or “discard location” recommendations and creating archival storage for sentimental items. But, perhaps, what Tricia most enjoys about her job is having the opportunity to support people on their journey. “It’s very rewarding to know I’m helping others find a more peaceful, less stressed way of life,” Tricia shared.


Name: Tricia Fidler
Profession: Professional Organizer, Owner of Heywood Park Collective
Community: Aviara/Serenata
Hobbies & Interests: Traveling, crafts/knitting, art and music, vintage jewelry
Favorite Places to Visit in 92011: Batiquitos Lagoon Trail, Beach Plum Cafe, Seasons@Four Seasons Resort, TriCity Wellness