by KELLEY GUSICH | photo by Mark Hopkins Photography

A Close Bond


The Hadjis family – Gabby, George, and son Lukas – have lived in their south Carlsbad community for 13 years. “It’s a true family- feel community,” Gabby said. At Nordstrom for 20 years, she feels lucky to currently be a stay-at-home mom, while George works for Canon as a national sales manager. Gabby is originally from Oregon and George from Huntington Beach, but they both had been working in Seattle when they met. “I was on a blind date that was a big fail – he was out with his good friend and I dropped everything when I saw George,” Gabby laughed. “I went up to him and started talking to him – four years later we got married!” As a family, they love hiking, exploring, skiing, soccer, the beach – and cooking has become a new favorite activity for Lukas, who uses the combined styles of both parents by following recipes or getting creative on his own. “I actually can cook but prefer to bake,” Gabby said. “George is an amazing chef!” The Hadjis family also claims to be “Disneyland dorks,” maintaining their kid-at-heart status with annual passes and visiting the amusement park frequently.


Parents: Gabby Rios Hadjis and George Hadjis
Child: Lukas Hadjis (10)
Community: Waters End
Parents’ Occupations: Gabby – stay-at-home mom; George – National Sales Manager at Imaging Technologies Communications Group, Canon Inc.
Parents’ Hometowns: Gabby – Gaston, OR; George – Huntington Beach, CA
Pets: Cats – Tequila and Ouzo
Favorite Places in 92011: Ponto Beach, Batiquitos Lagoon, The Taco Stand, Señor Grubby’s, and Lucha Libre Taco Shop

They volunteer often. George is on the Parish Board of the Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church and teaches Sunday preschool there, plus he’s been an LA Galaxy SD rec soccer coach for the past seven years. Gabby is actively involved at Lukas’s school, Pacific Rim Elementary, where Lukas is a fifth grader. She’s involved in committees like Yearbook, Lunch Bunch, Jog-a-thon, 5th Grade Promotion, Mom & Son Annual Bowling, and the Art Show. Overseeing the Pacific Rim yearbook is a “fun, but huge” commitment of Gabby’s, beginning in August. “With Pacific Rim being awarded a national Blue Ribbon School as one of two schools in San Diego county to receive this award,” she confirmed, “I wanted the yearbook to be extra special. Seeing [the students’] smiles and getting their friends’ autographs makes it worth all the hours I put into it.”

For their community, the couple has held a holiday movie night the past four years, and works together with Toys for Tots collecting toys. “Our Waters End community has been generous, and every December we hold this event we get lots of support from the neighborhood. Both George and I believe in getting involved,” affirmed Gabby. “It’s important to lend a hand and support great causes. We believe in the saying Ghandi said: ‘Be the change you want to see in this world.’”