by BECCA BARR photo by Mark Hopkins Photography

Young Leader


As a junior at Carlsbad’s Sage Creek High School, Daniel Rubin has been given many opportunities to shine. “I joined ASB this year where I have put in hours of work to increase spirit at my school. I was the point man behind the planning of two pep rallies, spirit weeks, the Bobsquad cheering section for the fall and winter seasons, and other smaller spirit celebration days. Next year I am running to be ASB president and a part of the class executive board,” said Daniel. He has been able to do this while consistently maintaining A’s, including scoring and performing well in AP classes and tests.

Daniel also loves to run, competing in both cross country and track and field. He started running competitively in sixth grade. “At Sage Creek I was immediately immersed into the varsity cross country program, where we have won CIF for the past three years and gotten top five in the state meet each year. In track, I ran the San Diego section freshman 3200m record of 9:25 and qualified for many elite meets,” related Daniel.

“I hope to be remembered as the guy who made a positive impact on the lives of many of my peers at SCHS through relationships and ministry.”

Daniel’s biggest extracurricular activity is Younglife, which is a Christian high school ministry. “As the leader of Younglife on my campus, I invite as many people as possible and aspire to be a role model for what Younglife stands for,” said Daniel. “I have participated in community service by being a volunteer leader at Wyldlife (the middle school branch), serving at Younglife camps, attending National Honor Society events, feeding the homeless with my grandparents, and other little volunteer opportunities with community sporting events.” His father is the area director for Younglife in North County, making the ministry a true family affair.

This high-achieving teen has some big aspirations, including a goal of attending Stanford. “Whether I achieve that dream or not, I am excited to go to college and spread my wings to see where my life takes me,” Daniel stated. He also has an ambition to backpack through Yosemite. But above all, Daniel hopes to make a difference in the world. “Most people think of me as that one fast guy, but I care more about the impact I have with leading Younglife,” he shared. “I hope to be remembered as the guy who made a positive impact on the lives of many of my peers at SCHS through relationships and ministry.”


Name: Daniel Rubin (17)
School: Sage Creek High School
Grade: 11
Pet: Golden Retriever named Sandy
Parents: Scott and Valerie Rubin
Siblings: Peter (14), Samuel (11)
Favorite Places in 92011: Calavera Hills Preserve and Bobby’s Hideaway Cafe